AUPEO! Your Window To An Amazing MUSIC!!

Aupeo is a streaming online radio station that gives the user control over what is played. Unlike listening to a regular radio station, which generally plays whatever specific genre the station is based around and nothing else, Aupeo allows users to come up with their own station theme. By either selecting a suggested popular artist or entering a favorite musician or genre, the user gains control over what is heard. Aupeo also offers mood-specific stations.

Aupeo Features
  • Listen to Aupeo stations from mobile devices
  • Create stations based on mood as well as genre
  • Create stations based on a specific artist of the user’s choosing
  • Enjoy a mixed station created by the user through the “love” and “ban” song rating feature
  • Hear music from your favorite Artist and discover much more music from other similar artists.
  • Bookmark your favorite Artist Stations and access them anytime.