Celebrities VS History



Here’s Justin Timberlake, who uncannily resembles this old-time criminal in a mug shot.


Bruce Willis greatly resembles WWII General Douglas MacArthur


Nic Cage and his doppelganger. Little is known about the man besides that he supposedly served in the Civil War


Rupert Grint from “Harry Potter” looks like Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie


Ellen DeGeneres looks like Henry David Thoreau


Actor Hank Azaria resembles philosopher Rudolf Steiner


Actress Maggie Gylenhaal looks like historical journalist and women’s rights leader, Rose Wilder Lane


Pretty Little Liars

I am so in love with the show !!

I became and addict!!

I wait every Monday to download the show =D

Its about five best friends girls who shares every single secret !

one of then dies ” Killed ”  in a mystery way so they try so solve this in every possible way!!

And I think that Lucy Hale has the most  Gurorguoes Cute face and out look !!

If you are not watching the show! I think you have to watch it