Create A Creative Journal

You love the idea of keeping a journal — self-expression, careful reflection, deep insights! — but every time you stare at the pages of a blank book, you kinda, well, draw a blank. Relax. Journaling doesn’t have to be an intimidating pursuit for born poets only, and you definitely don’t have to follow any rules,”A journal is simply a collection of thoughts about the moments that moved you most,”. By recording those thoughts, you’re creating a powerful tool to discover your hopes, dreams, and fears.” So never mind what you think a journal should look like.


Address a friend
Write a (never-to-be-sent) letter — to your mom, your old boyfriend, your high school self, or your kids — about your life right now and your biggest hopes, fears, and wishes for the future. “Sometimes, writing to and for yourself can feel forced,”, “If you address your thoughts to another person, words may come more naturally.”

Take a ticket
Save ticket stubs from movies, concerts, amusement parks, and plays and put them in a scrapbook or notebook, adding a short note about who you went with and what you thought about the outing. When you look back, you’ll instantly get a flood of memories. The more you write, the more you may find yourself revealing how the experience affected you.

Restaurant reviews
Keep a record of restaurants you visited, what you ordered, who went with you, and major conversation points. While this might seem like data entry, you’re really creating a mini-snapshot of your relationships, opinions, and joys — something well worth holding on to!

Get carded
The next time you’re on vacation, buy postcards from different towns and attractions and write your impressions on the back of each. Then, hole punch them and slip them in a binder ring for an instant travel journal. Keeping a log of these adventures will serve as a record of details you might forget over time, and may help you dream up other journeys.


القيل و القال

​‏​‏​‏​‏​ا‏​لمطلقه .. تخشى كلام الناس ..!
الأرمله .. تخشى كلام الناس ..!
العاطل عن العمل.. يخشى كلام الناس ..!
الفقير .. يخشى كلام الناس ..!
العانس .. تخشى كلام الناس ..!
الناس .. يخشون من بعضهم كلام الناس ..!

تتعدد الأمثلة والمشكله واحدة !!!
هل هوَ خوفٌ من الناس !
أم خوفٌ من الشكل الذي
سنظهر عليهِ أمام الناس !
أم خوفٌ من ردةِ فعلِ أولئكَ الناس !
أم خوفٌ ورهبةٌ من المستقبلِ المجهول !
أم ماذا ؟!


لا أعتقدُ بـ أن هناكِ من لا يعرفه ؟!
ولا يعرفُ بعضاً من طرائفهِ ونوادره ..!
يُقال بـ أنه في يومٍ ما :
كانَ جحا وإبنه يمشيانِ مع حمارهما
فانتقدوهما الناس …!
لأنهم لم يستغلوا الحمارَ كوسيلةٍ للنقل !!!
فـ ركب جحا وإبنه على الحمار
فانتقدوهما الناس مرةً ثانية !
وأتهموهما بأنهما عديميّ الرحمة !
فكيف يركب إثنان على حمارٍ ضعيف كذاك ..!
فنزل جحا وتركَ ولده على ظهرِ الحمار
فأنتقدوا الناس الإبن ..!
وقالوا عنه : بإنهُ ولدٌ عاق ..!
فنزلَ الإبنُ وركبَ جحا
فقالوا عن جحا أنهُ لايرحم
وأنه قاسٍ على إبنه ..!
فقام جحا وابنه وحملوا الحمار وهم يمشون ..!
فضحكَ الناس عليهما لبلاهتهما ..!

من هُنا ندركْ :
بأنَ إرضاءَ الناسِ غايةٌ لاتُدرك ..’

يُعقل .. بأن يخسرَ إنسانٌ حلمهُ
وطموحه .. ويتخلى عن تحقيق أهدافهِ
ورغباتهِ من أجل إرضاء الناس !

ﭑﻟخلاصه :
حياتك لك انت .. انت من سيعيش وأنت من سيموت فاستمتع بكل لحظات حياتك دون أن تسير حياتك على إرضاء الناس

Laugh So You Don’t Cry !!!

Depression comes in many forms, and it can be difficult to control.The factors that contribute to depression are well-known, and well-researched, but what causes it is not quite understood. Depression is something that we can avoid by cultivating the happiness.

Here are some tips for avoiding depression

1. Keep Busy.

If we struggle to detach from negative thoughts we should just throw ourselves into other activities. When we get involved in other activities that we enjoy it takes us out of ourselves. Find a hobby, go the movies, hangout with friends. Activity forces us to do something constructive, and does not allow us to dwell on our depressed state of mind.

2. Avoid Feelings of guilt.

We all make mistake,but if you continue to dwell on yours, then your are harbouring feelings of guilt. Do not dwell on the mistake , instead try to solve the problem and move on. Instead of feeling guilty we should seek to concentrate on doing the right thing.

3. Don’t Base your Happiness solely on other people.

If we expect to gain happiness from another person, at some time, we are bound to be disappointed. If bad relationships end, we should see it as an opportunity to move on. It is no use dwelling on what might have been. It is also a mistake to feel that we can change somebody to match our preferences. If we seek to change a person fundamentally we will just feel frustrated when we fail.

4. Sleep and Exercise. 

Getting enough sleep is very important in preventing depression, along with balancing your life with enough rest and exercise everyday.Don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

5. Have Low Expectations.

Depression often occurs because our desires remain unfulfilled. The more desires we have, the more likely we are to be disappointed. After disappointment comes a sense of frustration and depression. If we minimise our desires then we will not be prone to disappointment. This does not mean we cannot strive for excellence and achieve things. We definitely should strive to achieve various accomplishments. However, we should try to have an attitude of detachment to the outcome. Nor should we expect people to behave in a certain way.

6. Cultivate Happiness.

To avoid depression we have to focus on the alternative which is happiness. The problem is that when we are depressed, the idea of happiness seems a million miles away. But, sometimes if we can force a smile or try to be insincerely happy, we can trick the mind and force happiness to descend; and after a while we start to achieve real happiness.

7. Love your self .

Stop being so critical of yourself, and of others. Acknowledge the good in you, stop beating yourself up. Think quality time, not quantity of time. Eat a balanced diet. If you lack an appetite, eat small snacks rather than large meals.Be patient and kind to yourself. Remember that depression is not your fault and is not something you can overcome with willpower alone.If you’re good at caring for others, add yourself to that mix.

Depression can be avoided and treated and it can be fun doing so.Try to maintain a positive attitude-remember that feeling better takes time, and your mood will improve little by little.