Funny Zodiac Impressions!


Aries – “Me me me! And how does what you say relate to me? LOL Oh that is how!”

Taurus – “MINE! mad Don’t touch!”

Gemini – “Apparently I have a short attention sp-Oh hey bro, hows it hangin’? wink

Cancer – “Poor me! sad

Leo – “Look at me! smiley Oh I LOVE that! It’s awesome! And I LOVE this! I HATE that!”

Virgo – “It’s complicated! embarrassed

Libra – “Which option should I go for? Ok you think A – but I was thinking B!!! What do you mean just go with B then? Now I’m thinking A confusedwink

Scorpio – “POWER! mad

Sagittarius – “I absolutely disagree with meat-eating, I think people only care if something horrible is happening infront of their eyes! People are ignorant! neutral

Capricorn – *Sigh* “Yyyyyyyy-eh”

Aquarius – “People don’t seem to understand me! neutral Perhaps one day they will!”

Pisces – “zZzZz confused



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