The Beauty Of The Indian Headdress Symbolism

A lot of people now a days are so into Indian headdress, and for the past few years it has been used a lot in the filed of fashion & art.. I’ve always been fascinated by them and the entire Native American Culture, but a lot of us doesn’t know what do the Indian Headdress represents.

It is believed that the Sioux Indians created what is thought of as the traditional Indian headdress. This is the feathered headdress often seen on warriors and chiefs in paintings and pictures. Only the most brave and powerful of the tribe wore headdresses.

Before the invasion on their land of the white man, the custom of wearing Indian headdress spread through the many tribes. However, each headdress varies from tribe to tribe as it represents the culture of each tribe. The individual wearing it would often customize Indian headdresses, thus making it unique to that individual.

People always associate Indian headdress with feathers, but do you know what the feathers represent? Warriors earned a feather each time he did something the tribe felt was a brave act. Many times, the first feather earned by a warrior was given to him for being seen as an adult member of the tribe. However, the warrior was not just given the feather. The warrior had to prepare himself to receive such an honor and that often require days of fasting and meditation.

Each time the warrior earned a feather, he would either wear it (but he only wore a couple into battle) or put it on a pole used for special occasions. Once he had collected enough feathers, they were then made into a headdress. Because each feather had a special meaning, binding them together in a headdress made that Indian headdress even more special. Only the men, closest friends of the warrior, were involved in making the headdress. The Indian chiefs also “earned” each of their feathers. The most prized of all feathers to receive for an Indian headdress was the Golden Eagle feather. Because the Indians saw the eagle as a messenger of God, this feather could only be earned through hardship, loyalty, and strength.

Don’t you just love them more now??


Who Wore It Best ?

Rihanna V Katherine Jenkins V Chloe Moretz V Emma Watson

After a slew of raunchy outfits from our favourite Barbadian singer, Rihanna floored us when she took to the X Factor stage in November wearing this relatively demure McQ by Alexander McQueen tartan dress. Complete with a head of bona fide Hollywood curls, metallic collar and creepers, no less… Well, we’re still speechless.

And, just shy of a week later, Welsh warblerKatherine Jenkins was spotted wearing it too. In a different take on the look, the soprano paired the £465 frock with opaque black tights and heels. Decidedly less punky than RiRi.

Yet before these two, budding fashionistaChloe Moretz took the tartan confection for a spin at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Keeping the look simple with bare legs, minimal accessorising and just a feline flick of black eyeliner, the Hollywood ingénue further cemented her place as a fashion force.

It was none other than Emma Watson who originally showcased the piece though, on the GQ Men Of The Year Awards red carpet in early September. Interpreting the look in a different way again, Emma cast some fashion magic by teaming the girly garb with biker leathers, slicked hair and red-soled Louboutins.

I think who really got it right was Rihanna

Rihanna, I salute you.