iPhone Easy Way!

I’ve always wanted to get my self an iPhone, but the one thing that stopped me from getting one is that i hate using touch screen, specially that i love my long nails ;p but now with this Qwerty keyboard i wouldn’t hesitate  getting one!

This iPhone Qwerty concept is from the mind of designer Altamash Jiwani. The keyboard slides up and down and is attached to a protective case. It blends in seamlessly with the sleek iPhone design. The design also incorporates a finger rest at the lower end of the case for comfort and the case does not interfere with charging or doc connection. The concept would come with a plug and play app to disable the keyboard.

The Qwerty iPhone Keyboard would be made from polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and carbon steel for the slider rails. Check out the process behind this idea.


12 thoughts on “iPhone Easy Way!

  1. let me tell u smth! there’s no one like me who hates touch screen! i just hate it! and the only reason i got an iphone was because dad is willing to buy one for my lil sis & bro! so i said why not me?

    and when i got the iphone, i simply fell in love with it and with it’s tpuch screen! so smooth and easy!

    i hv long nails too and it’s not a problem 😉

    • the iphone looks really amazing! but i used my friend’s iphone to type! it didnt work with me ;p when i click on a button i click on 3 buttons at the same time ;p

  2. Wow is that for real!
    Actually my fingers are becoming really senstive towards keyboards now i wish my mac was touch screen keyboard :p if that exist

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