Addicted Much ??

Who now doesnt have page on facebook?? I bet most of the most has one, and lets be honest we are all addicted to this social network! a day wont pass by without checking it at least twice ;p .. anyway i got you these mugs to all facebook addicts hope you like it =D

this is where you can find the mug if you are interested to order them =) Link to Order


19 thoughts on “Addicted Much ??

  1. u know yatni fatra knt kel 5 min i check my account! it became obsession to me! bs b3d 4 yrs a7s malleeeet!!!! i still hv it bs i dont check it on daily bases! 7ashni eshba3 menna lol

    • ee nafs 7alty ;p yatni habbah feeh mo 9ij ;p now i check every day or yoom oo tark ;p bs when i am bored i am always checking profiles oo at6mash ;p

  2. loved the addictive design 🙂 FB has turned into addiction for many 🙂 luckily not yet with me but if i keep my current rate i’m on my way to be 😦 loved the mugs 😉

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