Pretty Little Liars

I am so in love with the show !!

I became and addict!!

I wait every Monday to download the show =D

Its about five best friends girls who shares every single secret !

one of then dies ” Killed ”  in a mystery way so they try so solve this in every possible way!!

And I think that Lucy Hale has the most  Gurorguoes Cute face and out look !!

If you are not watching the show! I think you have to watch it


16 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars

    • Yeah its the best thing u did that you waited to see them all at the same time! it was supposed to be only 10 episodes but now it will be 24 episodes because of the hight ratings it reached

  1. wala mara semaa3t feeh..

    ana min garayt ‘secret’ fakart ib Gossip Girl
    laykon suwalif b3dain wa7da itfatin 3al thanya? lol

    • no no no its totally different than the gossip girl! mako a7ad yfaten cuz mako wala a7ad yadri shloon!

    • 8,9,10 are out! i am waiting for the rest! its been a week and they didnt release episode 11 😥 i am hurt ;p
      and thanks a lot my dear xD

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