Celebrities VS History



Here’s Justin Timberlake, who uncannily resembles this old-time criminal in a mug shot.


Bruce Willis greatly resembles WWII General Douglas MacArthur


Nic Cage and his doppelganger. Little is known about the man besides that he supposedly served in the Civil War


Rupert Grint from “Harry Potter” looks like Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie


Ellen DeGeneres looks like Henry David Thoreau


Actor Hank Azaria resembles philosopher Rudolf Steiner


Actress Maggie Gylenhaal looks like historical journalist and women’s rights leader, Rose Wilder Lane


Create A Creative Journal

You love the idea of keeping a journal — self-expression, careful reflection, deep insights! — but every time you stare at the pages of a blank book, you kinda, well, draw a blank. Relax. Journaling doesn’t have to be an intimidating pursuit for born poets only, and you definitely don’t have to follow any rules,”A journal is simply a collection of thoughts about the moments that moved you most,”. By recording those thoughts, you’re creating a powerful tool to discover your hopes, dreams, and fears.” So never mind what you think a journal should look like.


Address a friend
Write a (never-to-be-sent) letter — to your mom, your old boyfriend, your high school self, or your kids — about your life right now and your biggest hopes, fears, and wishes for the future. “Sometimes, writing to and for yourself can feel forced,”, “If you address your thoughts to another person, words may come more naturally.”

Take a ticket
Save ticket stubs from movies, concerts, amusement parks, and plays and put them in a scrapbook or notebook, adding a short note about who you went with and what you thought about the outing. When you look back, you’ll instantly get a flood of memories. The more you write, the more you may find yourself revealing how the experience affected you.

Restaurant reviews
Keep a record of restaurants you visited, what you ordered, who went with you, and major conversation points. While this might seem like data entry, you’re really creating a mini-snapshot of your relationships, opinions, and joys — something well worth holding on to!

Get carded
The next time you’re on vacation, buy postcards from different towns and attractions and write your impressions on the back of each. Then, hole punch them and slip them in a binder ring for an instant travel journal. Keeping a log of these adventures will serve as a record of details you might forget over time, and may help you dream up other journeys.

Funny Zodiac Impressions!


Aries – “Me me me! And how does what you say relate to me? LOL Oh that is how!”

Taurus – “MINE! mad Don’t touch!”

Gemini – “Apparently I have a short attention sp-Oh hey bro, hows it hangin’? wink

Cancer – “Poor me! sad

Leo – “Look at me! smiley Oh I LOVE that! It’s awesome! And I LOVE this! I HATE that!”

Virgo – “It’s complicated! embarrassed

Libra – “Which option should I go for? Ok you think A – but I was thinking B!!! What do you mean just go with B then? Now I’m thinking A confusedwink

Scorpio – “POWER! mad

Sagittarius – “I absolutely disagree with meat-eating, I think people only care if something horrible is happening infront of their eyes! People are ignorant! neutral

Capricorn – *Sigh* “Yyyyyyyy-eh”

Aquarius – “People don’t seem to understand me! neutral Perhaps one day they will!”

Pisces – “zZzZz confused